Thanksgiving 2013. Really.

Enough for a list:

Loved ones nearby.

A job I really love that pays a living wage.

A boat I really love that shelters us while keeping us young.

A place to stay while the boat is getting painted. (See first entry.)

A man I really love, who really loves me.

A church I really love, where folks really are the best kind of people.

It hasn’t always been easy, the ups and downs of life since I started this blog. I’ve lost five loved ones, one really good promised job, one home, one home town; I’ve won and left numerous jobs, endured a few others, and fought my way into the last job I ever want without knowing it would be exactly where I should be, and what I should do.

Through it all, the Pepper Dog has been at my side, where she is at this moment dreaming of turkey trimmings. She’s deaf and blind now, unable to join us on the boat but she’s never far away at my son’s home. She’s still feisty and healthy, frustrated by her need for others to help her. She’s just made to be scritched and loved. She’s beautiful.

Through it all my son and his wife have been, until we moved aboard the boat, right next door. They’re the reason we moved to Charleston. Fun to see my son as the stable element in all of our bumptious activity these last few years. Heaven knows he’s been hither and yon with his pirate parents. It’s only fitting that he found a beautiful and equally nerdy soul mate with whom to build a solid, abiding place of permanence. Although we are all talking about Bolivia…

And to the dozen of you that have hung around, hung with me, and have become fellow-pirates on the seas of change that have overswept our nation, I am thankful for the fellowship, the sense of fun, the sense of proportion you have afforded my rambling thoughts. God bless you all, in His time, in His way.

pirate life

Happy Thanksgiving! And keep your powder dry!

17 thoughts on “Thanksgiving 2013. Really.

  1. Been away too long, so went looking for old friends. Some have folded their tent, but glad to see you’re still here, Joan.

    The Best..

    Gobble Gobble!

  2. Och, I’ve been away for so long but this was a pleasing rundown – I am so glad you’ve made it to where you were supposed to be all along. Blessings on you all, Pepper, and the boat…

  3. Huh. Looks like I managed to stop in between meetings on Monday and forgot about it. That should be all you need to know about the madness that is my life these days… but it’s not a bad life, just a bit of a white-knuckle ride now and then. You know how those swells can get. Need to fight free enough to put pen to paper – erm, fingers to keyboard, and catch up a bit in reporting my own news. In any case, your list of thankfulness is as serene as anyone could hope for. It does a mind good.

  4. Happy belated Thanksgiving to you! I can’t believe it’s nearly Christmas already. Where’d it go? I’ve still got Thanksgiving leftovers in my fridge …

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