Surprised by… Peace

I awoke this morning with a strange sensation of contentment and peace. A childhood of terror mixed with abnormal norms, sprinkled with saving graces of diversion, topped with something close enough to love when it was available, yielded a dandelion heart within me. So many wishes on the wind…

What a gracious gift is Time, if you’re doing it right. What a surprise is Peace, when it arrives seemingly unbidden.

I consider it a volley against the coming Night.

7 thoughts on “Surprised by… Peace

    • Even when it’s not “with” me, the memory of it is enough to start it up again. Awesome. Obviously a gift from someOne who loves me. Who knows why?

  1. “Dandelion heart.” That’s beautiful. A very poetic image of we poor, banished children of Eve, wishing in this vale of tears, with most of our wishes answered by “just wait,” but occasionally by sweet consolation and the roots of deep hope.

    • It sort of bubbled up in me and I thought, “nice title for a book.”

      Thank you for your kind words. :o)

  2. Love the word choice. 🙂 There’s something very pleasing about the combination of “dandelion” and “heart”. I’d have never thunk of it!

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