Village Voice Winds The Dog Whistle

In a noxious bit of “who fotted?” The Village Voice links to my preceding post in a link-heavy lineup of the Right. I’m in grand company! So I did leave a thought there and to spare you the aggravating popups of a cash-starved blogger page, I’ll just post my comment here:

The ONLY thing that MURDERS people is intent. And the only way any Proggie wet dream of gun control would be fair is to have a world without guns.

Until that dubious day, it is classist, racist, and elitist to deny to any human the dignity of self-protection. Self-protection is the very definition of human dignity.

But the real agenda of the Left is control. Layers and layers of agency and satraps between you and where the blood is. So some piss-panted Prog can sleep in relative guilt-free fantasy. Even your kids know better.

Jake Tapper, the ghoul, has mawkishly tweeted something so hackneyed I swear he got it from a country music song. This, after he slow-jammed the kids’ names and ages on Twitter, like some ghastly performance art. It’s all well and good to gin up emotion, but every Prog with a kid in public school will lie to their child and say, “it’s okay honey, you’ll be safe, no monsters here.” But you’ll feel bad about that and tweet wistfully about precious feelings.

Kids already know that there are monsters. They figure that out when quite young. Even kids in peaceful quiet homes innately know. It’s in our DNA. That knowledge is there to protect us more surely than any Disneyland fantasy of unicorns and world peace. Want your kids to sleep peacefully? Want to tell them the truth? Want to give them a real sense of their worth? Tell them that you love them and you are prepared in a very real way to protect them by any means at your disposal, up to and including laying down your selfish, proggie “feelings” about what safety looks like. Those kids in Israel KNOW they are precious. Kids in some Texas schools know that they really are loved. Hell, the gold in Fort Knox knows it is loved.

Afford every child the dignity and worth that Obama’s girls enjoy.


Larwyn Linx. Thanks!

7 thoughts on “Village Voice Winds The Dog Whistle

  1. I can’t think of a rational argument to the proposition that my kids or your kids or anyone’s kids should enjoy the same level of protection as the president’s kids.

  2. “Afford every child the dignity and worth that Obama’s girls enjoy.”

    If those for whom that remark is intended had an ounce of moral sense, that would leave a *scar.*

    • Heh. I dropped the comment and walked away cold. Haven’t been back. It would look like I care what idiots think or say!

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