16 thoughts on “Obama Responds With Tears. Israel Responds With Teeth.

    • Yes, that certainly is a real picture. I took a tour of Israel in 2010. At many of the sites of interest where our tour went, there were school groups visiting too – every one of them with at least one alert armed escort. Security at malls, etc. were armed as well.

      “Security guard” shouldn’t be a punchline anymore. My husband is in the private security business, and you should hear his stories about the drones and slobs that have to be hired. It’s about time that our society were willing to pay more, not for fantasies of equality, but in order to get skilled, competent people to protect places where unarmed crowds gather daily. Thousands of skilled, competent soldiers are coming back from the wars; there should be well-paid work for them doing what they do well: defending us.

  1. Well, the rifle looks old, but well cared for. And the big question: Would you mess with her?

    The focus on the weapon regarding this mass murder misses the point. Some people simply hate guns. The fooker could have done just as much damage with a kitana sword, a home-made bomb, a For F-150 during recess. This is what we need to remember: He was a horrible person with murder in his heart. Whether he used a Glock or a framing hammer is irrelevant.

  2. No, no, no. The killer can’t be blamed for his actions. The mental health system can’t be blamed for failing to lock him up where he couldn’t hurt people, as they would have done without hesitation in 1925, and lobotomized him and sterilized him too. He was a “socially sick individual” and he was “fighting against his own inner demons heroically” and he mustn’t be shamed or blamed or held responsible for his actions. It’s the gun’s fault. It’s the gun industry’s fault. It’s the NRA’s fault. It’s Whitey’s fault. Blame everyone but the killer, and punish everyone who didn’t do it.

    Back in 1925 people like him were normally sterilized, lobotomized, and locked up for life to prevent them from harming others, but anyone who wanted one and had the money could buy a Thompson submachinegun via mail-order. And back then there were 25 murders a year in New York City and not 800. There were no school shootings, no TSA, and no terrorists hijacking airliners (or steamboats).

    What are we doing wrong now, and what were we doing right then? The Left tells us day in and day out that our society then was “inthenthitive,” hideous and oppressive and unjust and monstrously cruel, and they have made everything better for us in every way. And who here wouldn’t go back to 1925 in an instant if they could?

  3. How – in the love of God – does a “man” walk into an elementary school, into the office, kill four women (loudly), walk down the hall, kill two more women, then start killing 20 babies like ducks in an arcade without being challenged.
    Every year we get a survey from the high school (those of us with kids in that high school) basically asking if we feel our kids are safe at school. 1) feeling safe is not being safe 2) no one is ever safe from all possible harm anywhere 3) NO! Anyone can walk in the front door of that school at anytime and walk down any of 5 or 6 hallways, into a classroom and begin shooting kids as well – anyone could drive a truck loaded with fertilizer and gasoline to the front of the school and set it off at anytime.
    Their so called “Safe Schools” programs are nothing more than posting signs that say visitors must sign in and wear a sticker (that they get in the office should they be the sort who follow rules and go into the office to sign in) that says they are a visitor. The program means if the school goes on lock down that parents will get an automated call saying the school is on lock down – nothing more, just on lock down. And, as apparently happened in this case, the teachers are taught to lock doors and huddle the children in corners. On what planet is that a safety program?
    AAAaaaaa!!!!!!!!! I’m going to jerk my head bald.

  4. Simple solution: require every teacher, principle and administrator to earn a concealed cary permit and allow them, if they desire to carry on the job. Then, instead of posting a sign proudly announcing, “This is a no gun zone”, post one that says proudly, “This is a concealed carry zone”.
    Problem solved.

  5. few years back, the school I worked at had a new miss with this – neighbors complained about one of our students who lived in the complex, cop came out to the apartment, and discovered that our student was planning a shooting spree at the school. The BCPD came out and talked with us a couple of times – the gist was, lock door, lights off, gather (he didn’t say “huddle”) in a corner out of the line of sight from the window by the door (each classroom had one). He clearly told us not to run, because of the possibility of benng seen by the shooter or a potential accomplice.

    And yes, we were a “target rich environment”, er, “gun-free zone”.

    I can see the “duck and cover” type of response if you are in the middle of a building w/ no easy exit, but if you’re in a room on the first floor w/ a window, the choice is yours.

    Just reporting what we were told. And, The J.R. – yup. That said, there were several faculty & staff who should never be armed under any circumstances.

    And, Joan – glad to see you posting somewhere!

  6. Recently, I’ve grown fond of watching Walking Dead TV show. This show has great parallels to our current culture and whoever wants to live must learn to defend themselves. A school with no armed security can be called “gun free zone” but it would be more appropriate to call it no protection zone.

  7. BTW, I recently worked at a medical shelter where sick evacuees were bused into after Sandy, and I had the chance to meet some DMAT (disaster medical assistance team) folks from Texas. Most of them were packing a gun. It was very refreshing to see.

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