But Lower

[Guest post by the J.R.]

How to compare
This mystery so fair?
From Heaven He came
And we are to blame,
But instead of God’s wrath
Brings a Shepherd’s staff.
Born in a manger–
What could be stranger

We’ve heard it so much
It means nothing to us.

Condescends to our estate
Born not rich or head of state
But lower.

Born not a Super Star
To be seen from afar
But lower.

Born not Greek
At Plato’s feet (Though Plato bows)
But Lower.

Born beneath our estate
A Roman slave’s fate
But lower.

Far from home both Heaven and earthly
Of Him the world is not worthy
No bed nor room at an inn
No midwife nor family or friends
But lower.

Among the beasts and in the dirt
From which we came and will return
We the powerful, rich and proud
Cannot conceive the wonderous sound.
We build our towers of steel and illusion
In our world so full of confusion
In our effort to reach the unreachable,
Need humble ourselves and be teachable
Of a virgin so tender and mild
In spite of my sins on me He smiled.
He, the righful Ruler of all
We, the guilty of our own fall.
Deserving wrath and rejection
Receiving grace and acceptance.

Strive not upward with towers of Babble
Our salvation lies not there
But lower–
In the dirt among the rabble
Humble, on bended knee.

-by The J.R.

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