23 thoughts on “ObamaWonka’s Everlasting ATM Machine!

  1. As I’ve commented elsewhere, I think it’s time for our Republican congressional reps to stand down.
    Not give up – but stand down.
    Obama will impose everything in his agenda anyway. He knows what it will all lead to, and he obviously thinks that along the way, he can blame all of the inevitable failures on the road to collectivist utopia on Republican obstruction.
    Don’t give him that out.
    When everyone has finally been mugged, let them have no doubt who it was mugged ’em.

    • I love this idea. Love.it. Like the comments over at American Digest suggest, “Hit the gas! There’s a curve up ahead! Our best hope is to jump the tracks!”

      • It is dawning on me – and, I hope, every right-thinking person – that we have just experienced a bloodless coup.
        I don’t think it will remain so. Invest in guns and ammo, before you are tempted to buy that new TV, or iPad, or whatever.
        For Christmas, give gift cards to Cabella’s.
        Things are moving very fast.

  2. Ouch! My wife and I are through with politics. Worked the polls yesterday and watched the takers out vote the producers. It was worth trying stop or postpone the collapse this one last time. Time to hunker down and take care of our own.

    • I was so encouraged by early turnout in my conservative precinct. Up nearly triple over 2008 at the same time of morning.
      Checking the results today, I see that we did indeed increase over 2008, but nowhere near triple.
      And we voted for Romney 63% – 34%, roughly matching the margin of the entire county, and much of western Michigan.
      I want a divorce from the east side of the state.

  3. I want to move out of FL. It’s gone the wrong way.

    The GOP needs to have Mark Rubio help them bring in the Latin community. They belong to the GOP, they’re just scared to death of the immigration issue. That needs to be sorted out once on for all, a solid platform that can appease them too… and we’ll win every race. Until that happens, we’ll continue to lose.

    And the Latin community… they are what we were 50 years ago. Good solid families that go to church and will work hard for their families to do better in the next generation. This generation of Americans have their hand out too much wanting something for free.

    • Yes, many good people amongst the Latinos. The Latin community is as diverse as our own, actually. But yeah, they’re here. Either we close the border, or embrace the consequential influx of immigrants and get on with living.

  4. And… what Americans aren’t realizing, is overall, the demographics, they still like to have more than 2 kids. And this is going to come across as very ugly, but the only other demographic that I can think of that is of the same… is the Muslim community. So in my eyes, we have a choice. We can embrace our future, which is an American that speaks another language at home, but overall has very similar family values, or we can wait to get run over by the other demographic. Americans as we know them are having fewer and fewer children just as the Europeans are doing. We’re not as bad as a country such as Germany, but I know that I have three kids and America considers that a big family. My generation, five kids was a big family. Now one or two is the norm and three is ‘wow, you’re busy’.

    I’ll get off my soapbox. I’m sure you’ve seen the European statistics on their birth rates vs. their Muslim immigrants.

    • Mark Steyn’s many pieces on that issue are startling – and ominous. Just for shits and giggles – and take from this what you will – American women of child-bearing age (and men, vicariously) enjoy something like ten times the number of periods that women in Muslim countries do.

      • You are absolutely right and I’ve probably read some of his stuff. I’ve been hearing and reading about it since 9/11. We are in trouble and America isn’t doing anything to prevent it. As painful as change is… we must make it and take control of the change or we’re going to continually have a change we don’t want thrust upon us.

  5. I think what has hurt more than anything else (other than Alan West losing his seat in FL) is that the turnout was lower than in 2008. This is appalling. I honestly do not know how to proceed form this point, other than adding to my family arsenal and buying non-perishable food, and studying Brazilian Ju Jitsu.

    And God bless Mark Steyn. It amazes me that a Canadian with a British accent is the voice of the Constitutional Republic of America.

  6. I think Romney is a great, decent man who ran a pretty damned good campaign. He was also the only candidate who could survive an October Surprise on his character. Cleaner than Caesar’s wife. I’ve seen a lot of slicing and dicing as to why the GOP lost. The fact is, we lost for the same reason they are rioting in Greece. Despite his great smile and reassuring demeanor, Romney’s was a message that we must face some austerity. And, like Greece, our populace refuses to accept this. Kick the fucking can down the road. A lot of damned Boomers will retire in the next 4 years, and hope to have full benefits intact. It’s as simple as that.

    • I like your rant, up until the part about boomers. Actually, seniors voted pretty decisively for Mitt. As always, the further up the age scale you go, the more likely to vote Repub.
      No…we, as a country, have just been too insulated, disengaged. If something drastic doesn’t happen to drive people back to the Republican Party, it will die with the boomers.

  7. (paraphrased of course). Adapt comrade.

    I plan to become a party political leader.

    What else id if there to do? The private life is dead.

    • I plan on becoming a Democrat. My readers won’t understand, but I think it’s the most fun way to face the future: subvert from within! Mwuahahhaha! I wish the entire Tea Party would leave Boehner to twist in the wind, and join up with the Democrats. Take their money, wreck their primaries with Conservatives and generally wreak some “hope and change” w/in the DNC. It’s not the the GOP gives a rip.

      • It’s been part of their strategy for many years. In all seriousness. Of course there is more that has to happen, but we all understand that Boehner is effectively part of the statist machine.

        The missing pieces of course include massive funding and organization at the highest levels of power, public and private. The collusion of the media, the re-education of the youth…. need I go on?

        Boy are we screwed.

  8. Apparently the white liberal/guilt/academe/60’s70’s remnants of the boomer generation still has enough pull to fuck us all up well and good. I have no great expectations from Congress, so I think we’re fucking doomed. Apparently economics, while hotly debated everywhere with differing scenarios, isn’t a concept that the majority of our country can intelligently think about. That’s scary. And, with the feeb in chief, our international stance is also fucked beyond measure.

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