Eight Minutes You Missed: George Zimmerman’s Former Lawyer’s Press Conference

Wow. What you likely saw wasn’t this.What you think about Zimmerman’s [former] lawyer will possibly change after you see the whole press conference.

Since April 11th, the MSM has known at least as much as George Zimmerman’s [former] lawyer told them about the facts of the case. Those facts were woefully out of line with the Narrative.

That’s why you didn’t see this.
[update: another link since that one gets bogged.]

It’s part of the entire 45 minutes’ presser. All you or I got to see was a somewhat strange assembly listening to some lawyers throwing their client under the bus, or publicly wondering whether they had been thrown under the bus. Either way, it’s too bad, because that eight minutes should be no mystery to anyone who has followed the facts of the case, sans media filtering.

But it’s more than that.  The man calls out the race-mongers in no uncertain terms:

…we’ve had some people come to town who are only relevant in an area of racial strife. . . who, frankly, have a business model based on driving division in racial communities. . .

And he calls out one of Martin’s attorneys as well:

. . .actually had an attorney for the Martin family who, as far as we know actually went to law school, get on the air and say, “They need to just go ahead and arrest him and let him prove his innocence in a court of law.” Really? In the United States? I don’t think so!

Ah, he’s a former police officer and legal police adviser. He absolutely has to school the young pups about law, offense, and how facts work toward truth.  He really throws down. After watching it from the 28 minute mark forward , I almost think he resigned just so he could smack the press around. He really goes after them and especially after the feely-meely questions from the women. Full of facepalm goodness. No wonder the press doesn’t like this guy.

Watch the whole thing from about 28 minutes on. It’s a completely impolitic rant. Satisfying. Or just click link above for the short version of the facts of the case. Either way, I found it worth the time:

It’s amazing how much of the Narrative we accept without even realizing it.

h/t to Innocent Bystanders for the short version.

8 thoughts on “Eight Minutes You Missed: George Zimmerman’s Former Lawyer’s Press Conference

  1. The range of inane questions posed by journalists, reflecting their bias, their lack of understanding, or their sheer stupidity, never surprises me.

    • Me either. I know what kind of education they didn’t receive. But they are each and every one of them Special Snowflakes.

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