Andrew Breitbart’s Badge of Honor

It’s not everyone who gets to leave this world amid a flurry of insults across the Twitterverse; insults that are infinitely repeated with cheerful, albeit heavy hearts by one’s fans.

But it’s what Andrew Breitbart would have wanted.

Many are stunned, myself included, and yet the inevitable Thought Heard ‘Round The Blog World is, “An Army of Andrew Breitbarts.” Many will and already have paid better tribute than I can possibly hope to muster. It’s everywhere. And beautiful.

But as the accolades pour in from every corner, one especially should make Andrew especially proud:

I started my own blog today, because of him.

You know, if you have a blog and haven’t earned any direct targeting from the enemy in a while, do yourself and the world a favor and go into the enemy camp and earn some respect for yourself, if not from the enemy. Take a few jabs. Toughen up. And if you get as good as you give, wear it like a badge of honor. Andrew certainly did.

. . .run to where the noise of the battle is, get in there land a few verbal punches of your own. More importantly, please aim them at the opposition.                                        -Joan

R.I.P. Andrew Breitbart.

Get Loud!

Many thanks to the BlogFather for the comment nod: [And to Ed Driscoll] : “The biggest mistake we can make at this juncture is to go back to waiting around for the next Whoever to ride in and save us. Because that’s a strategy full of FAIL.”


6 thoughts on “Andrew Breitbart’s Badge of Honor

  1. What a lovely post. I can’t say I was a fan of the man, but I did admire his focus and intense dedication to life and things he believed in.

    (I found you through Jean’s blog and I’ll be back.)

  2. I was heading to the restroom last summer when I thought I saw a guy at the end of the hallway that looked EXACTLY like Breitbart. As I got closer I knew either he had a twin or I was walking right toward him. I tried not to stare. When I returned to my desk I texted the only other political fanatic I knew, my brother. I said, “Where is Breitbart right now?” A minute later I got the text back, “He was just on Greg Garrison radio show, why?” I was temping at a media company and am still kicking myself for not going up to him and shaking his hand. He seemed a bit of an introvert, at least that was my five second impression.

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