Little Feet in Trophy Jars. Why?

I’m just guessing here:

[Re-posted from two years ago. The wheels of justice grind slowly, it seems.]

Shannon Love at ChicagoBoyz is disgusted with pro-lifers who won’t embrace her heartfelt reaction to the horror in Philadelphia.  She states her pro-choice bona fides, gets in a dig at pro-lifers,  and proceeds to bewail the Left’s shortsighted resistance to oversight and regulation of any sort.  She is a pro-choicer who, now that the end of such thinking has been made perfectly and horribly clear to her, wants to seem moderate and sensible and of course horrified by the killing of live babies.

She is seriously, and sadly, disgusted that we all didn’t just fawn over her wisdom and clarity and is angry that pro-lifers have weighed in because, dammit, she’s trying to do something good with her outrage and why can’t we see that? She accuses pro-lifers of being a political movement, btw. How disingenuous is that? (Now, I’ve never once visited a purely pro-life website, mainly because I don’t need any education whatsoever about valuing human life. I guess I come by it naturally.)

Wait, let me ponder that: a political movement that never needed to exist until Margaret Sanger took aim at the womb.  The audacity of the non-thinker!  I do feel for one so named, Love, as she strikes me as a true-believer, steeped in her unblushing self-esteem. She even spouted the time-honored lie that most late-term abortions are to extract a miscarried fetus, without the first hint of even knowing if it’s true. So deeply in the dark is she! And yet, that she is rattled by Dr. Gosnell’s unashamed pursuit of his wealth gives her the faint glow of humanity. There is hope for her if she’ll allow her discomfort to do its cleansing work. I fear, however, that she has already shut that door, as evidenced by her updates and comments: it’s pretty much all about her intense feelings that more regulation would remove the stench of her precious choice and its consequences.

Meanwhile, Dr. Gosnell’s ghastly little trophies are more than just those that are seen in a jar on a shelf. They represent a mockery of the pro-life movement. An in-your-face and evil assault on his perceived enemies.  The “tiny feet” have been the pro-life movement’s wordless challenge to those with so many, many words, reasons, studies, fears, expediencies and outright militant attitudes. A Logo against the logos.

For Dr. Gosnell they are talismans of his soul: the sum total of its worth apparently only a few paltry millions of dollars that will not follow him beyond the grave.

It is a failure of the will, as I pointed out to Ms. Love, as she suggests a solution that is already in place and willfully ignored–by more than one actor; indeed, for this horror to have continued the complicity of several people, institutions and agencies would have to be arranged.

I would be more interested in any honest person on the Left or Right’s thoughts on how so many, many promised safeguards and sensible policies were blithely and boldly ignored by so many. Was silence bought? It doesn’t seem so. Was extortion or blackmail threatened if someone spoke out? Are there other crimes here?

What would cause so many to be in agreement with something so heinous? It must be airborne to reach so far and wide without anyone being bothered enough to report it. When did the boundary for late-term become so easily disregarded? Was it because it was so vague and imaginary as to be dismissed as irrelevant? That can’t be it. . .

Well, we’re here now. Why bother looking at the map? It’s not like anyone’s going to turn the car around and head for home. That wouldn’t be progressive. That’s not leaning forward. So what if we don’t like it here?  We’ve come so far!

Right. Next up: worshiping fire!

17 thoughts on “Little Feet in Trophy Jars. Why?

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  2. Thanks again, Joan. Great post.
    I read the comments over there. I guess some have been deleted.
    Anyway, I don’t know the blogger Love, but why doesn’t she just apologize. It’s clear to me she is distracting from her point or cause as much as she is blaming the “idiot pro-lifers”. I’m surprised she didn’t go the, “Way to insert yourselves into this tragedy, pro-lifers!” route.
    But then again, if I could understand the pro-choicer…

    • Yes, that is a tough one. Apart from all the straw arguments and tortured logic, what’s wrong with making errors on the side of life? I had a friend who gave her life for her unborn child. It never once entered her mind to do otherwise. Imagine that now-grown child: what a terrible and beautiful legacy to inherit and live up to; wanted, loved and cherished above all else.

      The pro-choicers have their anecdotes. I have mine.

  3. It must be airborne to reach so far and wide without anyone being bothered enough to report it.

    It is in the air. Or rather, it has been hammered home so long and so effectively that the overwhelming majority of people, in spite of their natural aversion, do not allow themselves to comprehend the reality of abortion. They’ve bought into the “it’s just a clump of cells” line, and looked no further because to do so was uncomfortable, and golly it just wasn’t nice to expect that women in dire straits (and especially teen girls) should have to live with “the consequences.” Plus rape and incest.

    Also, as I noted at Daphne’s a few weeks ago, sex ed doesn’t teach pregnancy as new life and something precious, something truly Sacred. I certainly never got that memo, and I doubt anyone else ever did in a public school. The message is that pregnancy is an STD, a disease with lasting, debilitating effects, best eradicated at the first sign of symptoms. That’s not a baby, it’s a tumor, a blight, shameful proof of your irresponsibility and stupidity; not for having sex, of course, but for not having “safe” sex, as though there is any such beast.

    This is the credo of “choice.” Any proof that suggests the credo is based on a lie is literally intolerable and catastrophic, and this is why so many people have been able to hide their heads in the sand for so long. This is why so many were willing to turn a blind eye to the truth. To face it changes everything, even for those who are otherwise conservative; it shifts abortion from being something only extremist religious nuts care about to something everyone must care about.

    This is what we’ve been teaching for decades, and now, finally, we are faced with the fruits of that teaching. Jars on a shelf, full of tiny feet. Horror stories far worse than any dread tale of back alley abortions with coat hangers.

    As horrible as all of this is, I thank God the light of truth has fallen upon this dank, festering sewer of a practice. It has forced at least a couple of people I know to re-examine their tacit acceptance of abortion. May it open the eyes of millions more.

  4. On a local station this past weekend, they were “reporting” on the anniversary of Roe versus Wade. They showed about 20 people in Little Rock listening to politicians and “clergy” at a pro-choice rally declaiming, among other things, that they were not anti-life, but that abortion opponents were “anti-choice”. The anchors mentioned, in passing, a rally of hundreds against abortion in Jefferson City.

    Then the anchorette came close to costing me a television set as she said, “If Roe v. Wade were overturned, abortion would be illegal.” That is a lie. As before that horribly twisted decision, the power to regulate abortions would be returned to the states. Not only could states decide to legalize abortion, they could also make it illegal. Or they could defer the decision to counties and municipalities. You could have abortion counties and abortion-free counties, based on the choice of the local voters.

    Remind me again who is pro-choice.

  5. What a bunch of idiots.

    Someone on earth is “surprised” this would happen? this is no surprise. This is part and parcel of the ‘Pro choice” death cultist agenda.

    Great post, as usual.

    • This is part and parcel of the ‘Pro choice” death cultist agenda.

      How does rhetoric and hyperbole such as this add anything to any reasonable discussion about abortion?

      Sorry, the fact that some of us support pro-choice legislation does not preclude that we are members of a death cult. Many see the necessity of abortion when there are extenuating circumstances. Pro-lifers don’t hold the moral high ground in this discussion.

      The fact that most pro-lifers DO feel they hold the moral high ground because of their chosen religion is what makes it impossible to have a reasonable discussion about those potential circumstances.

      • When the fetus has a voice in the discussion, then it will be possible to have a discussion about abortion. Until then, “Reasonable discussion about abortion” is inherently evil, as is anyone who believes that discussion is possible.

        • “Don’t like my point of view, Og? Get used to it.” That’s objective. “Don’t like my view? F-U!” Thank you for pulling back the thin veil that hides your self-righteous hatred for Christians and all who would oppose the Great Oz.

      • It doesn’t require membership in a religion to understand that the wholesale killing of the innocent is indeed monstrous. Death Cult is, if anything, too polite.

      • Erinyes,

        The moral high ground we hold is simply the understanding that abortion is the killing of a human being, and therefore murder. For us. at least, there isn’t any “fuzz” on that.

        That said, my question to you is this: if abortion is not murder, then the fetus be must not be considered human. When, during the gestation period, does not-human become human? Until what point is abortion not murder?? Or, conversely, when does it become murder? Is what Gosnell did not murder, and if so, why?

        Thank you.

  6. Outstanding post, Joan.

    “Meanwhile, Dr. Gosnell’s ghastly little trophies are more than just those that are seen in a jar on a shelf. They represent a mockery of the pro-life movement. ”

    Indeed, and further more, a mockery of life itself. The pro-“choicers” are implicitely or explicitely pro-death.

    How fitting that the CINC of the pro-deathers celebrated the anniversary of Roe v Wade.
    And how fitting he does so so soon after the truth comes out about the PA abortion and infanticide house of horrors that was implicitely and explicitely supported by pro-deathers.

    Of course this is no surprise to Conservatives. Obama is too big to accept the audacity of shame. There will be no call for national prayer or moment of silence for those murdered babies and deeply wounded women, some who died as a result of the pro-deather agenda.
    There will be no televised memorial pep rally for Obama and his cronies to attend.
    There will be no shutting down of Congress for a week or the US flag flown at half mast.
    The leftwing media will investigate and report as little as possible and whitewash what they can, if that. They will tell us this has nothing to do with abortion or the pro-“choice” agenda. This was just a lone madman operating on his own with no help from government officials which is why those government officials have lawyered up so quickly. Nothin’ to see here folks.

    However…there will be a reckoning. Aye. There will be a reckoning and Justice will prevail.
    Obama is gonna wear this aborted albatross around his neck. So go ahead Obama and all you pro-“choicers” out there. Celebrate your abortion mills. Party hardy.
    But consider this: Whatcha gonna do when your reckoning comes for you?

  7. I haven’t been able to read much of the accounts of Dr. Gosnell on account of that baby foot weirdness. It makes my stomach flip over.

    I don’t know if there is a mother in the world who isn’t smitten with chubby little baby feet. Why else do we keep footprints, plaster castings, and bronzed shoes? I bemember making my babies laugh by pretending to bite their toes. Is there anything so sweet as those archless little footies … so soft and clean because they haven’t met the ground? Dr. Gosnell redefines the word “monster”.

    • PeggyU – Dads like baby feets, too!

      I can only hope that after he dies, Gosnell has one brief glimpse of eternity with God, and then, knowing that, is simply condemned to an eternity of remembering each child he murdered, and feeling the pain it caused.

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