34 thoughts on “Sailboat. I haz one.

  1. Kewl! I’ve always wanted to sail a sailboat. Alas, while this area has lots of wind, water is in short supply.

    *You must live in D.C. . . wait that would be wind BAGS.

  2. Not knowing how to swim, I am terrified of boats and I get seasick in a sloshy bathtub. Aside from that, I envy you hugely and also think it’s about goddamn time the universe rotated in the direction that you want. 🙂 You were overdue this joy.

    *Why thanks, LeeAnn. It’s all part of my Apocalypse plan. The motor home was sold a while back and I held onto the cash. I got this boat for a ridonkulous good price. We’re talking three months’ rent. My own special boat assessor tells me I got a great deal! Heh.

  3. YESSSS! So happy for you! What a great studio. Cue Christopher Cross “Sailing” —

    “Well it’s not far down to paradise
    At least it’s not for me
    And if the wind is right you can sail away….”

    *Now that’s a yar earworm, lass!

  4. ooooh, pretty! I am glad you have such a great place. Have you invited the pirate guy Max over yet?

    *Thanks. Well, Max did see the pics and have lots of helpful advice, but he lives aboard a sailboat himself. I hope my sailboat isn’t one he’s had to steal back from pirates. Hmmmm.

  5. Well, now! Congratulations! Also, too – damn it.

    That said, tour the coastline (wouldn’t bother with Apalachicola, now, what with the oysters coming pre-oiled) and get this way. I’ll bring the Shiner and Trooper can model for you in his boots and a light coat of CLP.

    *Not sure what CLP is, but a man in boots gets my vote for being a worthy landlubber. :o)

      • Yes, you must…new old boat new name. Good Juju to rename a boat. Boats are like women, you have to feel ’em before you give ’em a name. I don’t mean that in a weird way. Boats have personalities. Be interesting to see what you decide. What I mean is…how will it handle under pressure. I once renamed a J-24 from Sweat Pea to Pressure Drop…we won lots of races, but the girl I had in mind never appeared. She must have been a sweet pea. Who knows? My real pressure drop showed up years later. In the end…I won the game. You must be careful with renaming…you only get to do it once, while you own it, or else it will be Bad Bad Juju…but a name is extremely important. I’m serious about this.

  6. Ooooooo, pretty!! I am envious. The one big disadvantage of desert dwelling is the distinct lack of sailable waters. I hope she gives you years of good adventures!

  7. OMG I’m late, but Congratulations!!! That’s sooo cool and I am so jealous!!! What a beautiful boat. I love being on the water, unfortunately even though we’ve been “near” the water where we’ve been living… 40+ miles to get to a place where I could take lessons has been too discouraging. Maybe one day. I shall have to put this on my list for the future. (yes I have a list).

  8. I am jealous as well. I love boats, especially boats large enough to live in/on even temporarily.

    Hate the water, though.

    very nice.

  9. How very, very cool. Congratulations. I don’t know shit from Shinola about sailing, except that Bernoulli’s principle has something to do with sailing into the wind.

    I figure you need one of those Captain’s lids and a bottle or three of Pyrat Rum.

    • Well there’s a cheap handle of Largo Bay spiced rum sitting in there for now, but I hadn’t thought about one of those obnoxious captain’s hats with the gold braid and anchors stitched to it. Ha!

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