A Reason To Troll Julie Newmar’s Name On My Blog

While waiting for the beginning of the church service yesterday, I was seated on the back pew, flirting with my choir boy and my hand was behind his back, languidly drooping down behind the pew. We were chatting away while others filed in and made their way past the back of the nave and into their familiar places when all of a sudden I felt a smooth, soft hand grab hold of my insouciant one and clasp it gently.

I turned to see an elderly friend. She’s the sort of elderly woman that younger women look to for an example of gracious aging, with a very generous mix of mischief and mirth. She had traveled extensively in her career, and can still be counted on to be up for adventure. I grinned at her and she, still holding my hand, leaned in with a merry wink and whispered in my ear, “My brother married Julie Nemar because her hand was hanging over a low balcony, and he reached up and held onto it just like this.” She grinned back at me, gave me a peck on the cheek and off she went to seat herself.

Just like that. Huh. How obscure is that little tidbit of information? I wouldn’t doubt her for a minute, but it seemed too lovely a story to dismiss. So I looked it up this morning. Just for you. And for me. Saucy stuff, that!

Also: Can you believe People magazine has been around since at least 1977? Obligatory pic:
julie newmar


Lullabye of the Last Man Working

Hush little baby, don’t say a word,
Obama’s gonna give you my mockingbird.
And if that mockingbird won’t sing,
Obama’s gonna give you my diamond ring.
And if that diamond ring turns to brass,
Obama’s gonna tax us right up the ass.
And if our over-taxed ass goes broke,
Obama will rule over all us volk.
And if we volk even once complain,
Obama will declare us all insane.
And in the re-education camps
Obama’s gonna give us all tattooed stamps.
And if we lose all our private wealth,
Obama’s gonna say it’s for all our health.
And if that health and wealth should fall,
You’ll be the generation that supports us all.

-Joan of Argghh!

[re-post from March, 2009]
[update: vid link fixed, plus, a bonus video below ]