Reposted snippet from Nov 17th 2008, upon the occasion of Paul Ryan’s endorsement of Mittens.

Look, we won in Iraq without overwhelming the population with immigrants or new babies. We did it with Community Organizers–With Guns and Money. Long before the opposition quit with the bullets and bombs we started throwing more money at the street level than the government-sponsored insurgents could match. It’s not old-fashioned, direct-opposition warfare anymore, people. Wake up.

Obama beat us with Community Organizers and more money at the street level than the GOP is prepared to spend, and more than the average working Joe can counter with time and effort. Now the winning Dems only fear the guns we rightfully possess, else why the need for a domestic “security” force? Even now, they know not to let up. The heel is not yet uncomfortable on our throats but have no doubt that that is their goal. That’s what winning looks like. Heels on throats. Confiscation. Punishment and rule.

I never want it to come to that.

But I will eat sandy shit sandwiches, lose sleep, lose friends, and spend my last dime before I’ll resort to violent offensives. If I have to meet unasked for violence with violence, so be it. Depend on it. But this is not a call for anarchy or offense. It is a cry for real leadership.

I’d rather my political leaders understood the times we live in.


Heigh-ho. I do not think Mitt understands, even now.

Hunger Games

I wasn’t planning on seeing it until I read Tam’s take on it:

Further, I’d rather have today’s teens reading about the dangers of oppressive governments and needing arms to revolt against them than daydreaming about being date-raped by the undead.

But it’s not like we can’t have Zombie Vampire Cowboy Alien Apocalypse Hunger Games. If we wanted to.

Wait. . .that would be like, Firefly. So, okay then.

Rutherford Is Here

The UK Telegraph’s US editor pretends he sees the whole oil Problem and, having pre-selected his determination of its origin as being a misguided divine attitude on the part of the U.S. citizenry, proceeds to carry water for President Obama’s, “all of the above” solution. Carrying water in such a poorly constructed vessel is surely as inefficient as solar energy and not nearly as bright.

Mr. Foster does live in that foremost repository of entitlement-think, D.C., so it’s understandable that he would project that mindset onto everyone else and then have his Eureka! moment: Americans think they’re entitled to gas-guzzling.

So I had my Breitbart! moment and basically said, “So what?” Or words to that effect:

We don’t want to invest in alternatives. There is nothing more cost-efficient and energy efficient than internal combustion engines for mass transit of people, food, and yes, even the machinery needed to build hi-speed rails.  The problem with pipe dreams is that the people building the pipes aren’t engineers. They’re dreamers.

I won’t cite your English winters of late as evidence of global cooling, because that would just be cruel. So spare me the environmentalism AGW power-grab retort, “but, the polar bears!”

And, if there is a “rise” in China, it was certainly fueled by ugly Western consumerism, built, packaged, loaded and freighted by fuel oil.  Our demise will hamper their perceived rise. The rising tide that was our most recent success in lifting all boats, will be to the detriment of Socialist countries who have patted themselves on their back as if they magically arrived atop the waves by dint of a solitary effort.

Socialism is a luxury the world has been afforded by the economic producers in the world.  If we go down, we’re taking you with us.

For the last 4 decades The Left has made it a tautology: “there is no quick fix”.  They’ve had all the power to implement their solutions and hamper the productivity of the domestic oil industry; as well as the advantageous power of the bully pulpit for their idealism. All we’ve gotten in return is whining.

The only alternative the Proggies are putting forth is windmills and sunlight. How Rutherford B. Hayes of them. [/sarc]

There is a quick fix: dismantle the EPA, let refineries blossom across the fruited plains and drill, baby, drill. 

We built the world on fuel oil and rock n’ roll. Deal with it.

Drill, baby! Drill!

Update: we really do need to start mocking the British CNN and their science(h/t to Iowahawk, King of the Tweets.)


Captain Capitalism linked. Thanks, Cap’n.

Rummage Thoughts

I find I have need to dispense of certain, nagging thoughts, much as one gets rid of old clothes or unsolicited gifts from family members. They don’t quite fit, or they don’t quite serve the greater purpose of making my life easier. Or they just aggravate me by their mere presence. Herewith, a veritable Bargain Bin of discounted thoughts about the Parade of Life that is clogging up my mental attic. They’re worth about what you paid for them:

U. S. Children are NOT starving. Very few of them are mildly over-hungry.  I think it was Rachel Ray selling the idea that two-thirds! of American children are at risk for going without a meal over the weekend. Oh noes! GIVE NOW!  Another ad assures me that my neighbor is going without food.  GIVE NOW!  And apparently millions of Americans don’t have coats, so GIVE NOW! Take a picture of yourself giving your coat and we’ll post it on our Local News at Five!  Best make sure that coat is an XL size for all those starving, big-boned children here in the U.S.

Yes, there are hungry children in every part of the world but to hear the charity-mongers, we’re on the brink of nutritional collapse.

Charity-mongers. That’s a lucrative business and I know  it from the inside.  Do you feel bombarded when you watch your television? At the check-out line? Folks, there is good money in charity or there wouldn’t be so many of them.  Follow the money, and that includes those that are “doing the most good.” Don’t ask how I know.  Give, and give as much as you can to the local association which you have the most ability to hold to account. That usually pans out to be your own church or civic association. Let’s make charity local, sustainable, accountable.


Christopher Hitchens. Never really on my radar.  Never been my thing, as a Christian, to try and prove my “intellectual creds” by embracing someone solely for their active rejection of an idea as unworthy of investigation. Such outright and unsupported  rejection appears to me to be the thrall of an incurious and easily satisfied intellect.  I have more respect for blog friends that visit here who I know do not share my beliefs, but have the decency to consider them in a mature and thoughtful way if I present them in like fashion.   They’re better people than they know, and I shall celebrate their abiding tolerance of me long before I’ll miss the likes of Hitch.  All the same, I am not delighted in his passing and I feel deeply for those who love him.


Someone in Seattle was on my site for almost 8 hours. They visited quite a few pages, followed a few exit links and left my site-tab open, I’ll bet.  I know how that happens. You fall asleep at the computer, stumble to bed, wake up and see you’re still online. Well, I know it’s not a scintillating blog, but I’m glad to be a cyber-dose of sleeping pills.


Best new-to-me blog for gettin’ your geek on: Behind the Black, blogged by the improbably-named, Bob Zimmerman.


If the 2012 election is, for most Conservatives and libertarians truly “Anybody But Obama” then it stands to reason that it doesn’t matter who the GOP puts forth. It’s not about “who can beat Obama” because we’ve already stated that we’ll vote for anyone who isn’t him.  I don’t see a lot of fence-straddlers and independents when it comes to this year’s politics. It’s pretty much the takers and the givers. Can you conjure up one person you know who is thinking they’ll vote for Obama if they don’t get a good alternative from the GOP? Really? Our biggest concern is that there is a huge contingent of people ready to vote Obama out but they’ll sit it out if their own party tries to ignore them yet again and kick them to the curb. If the GOP puts forth Romney with the boogey-man scare tactic of touting him as the only one able to draw in the undecideds and thus secure the election, I think what they’ll get is the Paul-bots for Paul and the rest will stay home out of apathy and rage at their impotence. The GOP had better relinquish some power back to the people or risk losing it all.

The GOP’s grip is causing more and more voters to slip between their fingers. Not much time for them to fix that.


There’s time enough, by the way. Time for everything in the present moment. I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to see it. I’ve been deviled by a thought my entire life. It goes something like, “Hurry! There’s so much yet to do! Don’t stand here at the gas pump waiting for the tank to fill up, you can always finish that later. You have to get to wherever right now! Hurry! Don’t wait for anything! Make it happen NOW! Hurry! Finish this so you can get to that. Hurry, dammit! You need to be early or you’re already late!! Hurry! Eat it all now so you can get busy doing the other five things that are necessary. Hurry, the house needs to be clean and you need to do laundry and errands before tomorrow. Hurry up!”

Yeah, that wasn’t working for me. It’s a lie I’ve listened to for too many years. You know what? There’s time enough if we’ll just dwell. I used to think time passed me by, but now I realize it’s because I wasn’t going with the natural flow of time and would feel it rushing all around and past me. But the River of Life is meant to be navigated gently if possible.  Take in the scenery, partake of the bends, rapids and wide expanses or narrow canyons of its trek. But you’ll get to where your going. Might as well be fit for a proper arrival having learned a bit about the journey.

The world’s a different place if you quit watching and reading the news.  This Christmas week, give yourself the present of blissful, restful, presence in the now of your own life. Let the River flow. Enjoy the ride:

Of Satisfaction and Cigarettes

I threw away a line at Prof. Jacobsen’s place regarding Newt Gingrich’s delicious smack-down of Pelley in the woeful CBS-sponsored debate. I don’t mind getting called out on my comment because it gave me another chance to relish the moment. Here:

Yep. Still satisfyin’.

Newt found the true target in the struggle for the soul of our nation: the Nodding Heads Media. It doesn’t mean I think he’s the best candidate, but he sure has the upper hand in the debate department. It’s a thing of beauty.

If I were program director for the next debate, I’d be hoping for Newt to get another chance at a smack-down. [You there, you get to ask Newt about history! Gulp!] Heck, it’s the only reason to watch the stultifyin’ mess that the MSM describes as a “debate.”

Many thanks to Legal Insurrection for the link, and to Insty for the ‘Lanche once removed.

[updated] Herman Cain: OWN IT. Here’s why you should:

Own it. Talk about it. Talk about it so much, throw out so many details that they have absolutely nothing left to use. Grab every one of their arrows out of their slings and hurl them at yourself from close range. Won’t hurt nearly as bad.

But it sounds like a simple misjudgment of your audience.

I’ve never had a job where some man wouldn’t be able to help himself and just had to say something wildly inappropriate. At that point I firmly state my boundary and apprise them of their crossing of it and we go forward to accomplish our employment objectives from there. No harm, no foul. A misstep at worse. That’s how adults work together and work things out.

Own it. Talk about it. Talk about how mandated harassment laws have robbed normal human interaction in such circumstances that used to be easily solved with five-across-the-eyes to the man who presumed his audience to be less pure than her own estimation of her virtues.

We live in a sex-saturated culture, and women of the last 20 years have lived up to it in shocking complicity. Talk about that. Talk about that aggressive female sexuality that trots it boldly in front of men, seeking their approval, only to condemn them if they get it.

It’s time for the adults to have The Talk. For once.

UPDATE: Better and better. A complete and thorough denial! And a challenge to his accusers!! How refreshing! Sorry to have doubted, even for a moment. But you know, being a Conservative, we’re kinda used to our guy caving in. This is sauce for Herman Cain’s awesomeness.

The War Against Travel

Just an eight-hour round trip in the car can cost $150 in gas. So even if you stay with family another state away from you, it can cost a day’s wage just to go visit. Not saying family isn’t worth it (okay, maybe I am) but it can’t be easy for today’s “blended-extended” families to get together for scheduled exchanges of the prisoners.

A quick commuter-flight or a spontaneous weekend getaway is becoming a thing of the past.  Personal surrender to hostile invasive forces is required before you can fly anywhere.

I wonder if it’s all intentional; to get us all to stay home, stay huddled in bigger cities and stay reasonably “reachable.”