Every survivor now grieving knows the hollowness of “honest talk” about gun control.

France and Paris have very strict gun control laws — even the police are unarmed — which seems about as “honest” as every gun-grabber expects the U.S. to be about gun control: Just get rid of guns.

Let’s have that honest conversation. I prefer the honesty of meeting evil force with like force, quickly and decisively. I prefer the honesty of protecting those we love with the hard promise that we will kill, decisively and quickly, anyone who aims to harm them. I’d prefer to let my child know that, like the President, she deserves nothing less than vigilance and protection afforded by good citizens armed with equal force to meet the bad ones. Everything else is a political agenda full of sound and fury, signifying nothing but a surrender of beautiful Reason for cheap, feel-good superiority.

Every survivor now grieving knows the hollowness of “honest talk” about gun control. If they’d had a gun at that moment, they would have owned the conversation and the outcome.

Click on the pic below for a link to see how some scared rabbit on Upworthy wants it to wring my heart with tears of impotent rage, and wishes that a Unicorn could make all the guns disappear.

See the sad face in the picture below? Were she my child, she would know beyond any doubt, any law, or any “honest” rhetoric that I have no vision of strewing a street corner with flowers and candles in her memory but would destroy ANYthing that sought to make her one.


The Media are NOT Hypocritical

While the mainstream media outlets drum up a semblance of umbrage at the latest revelations of IRS bias, Benghazi cover-ups, and State-sponsored illegal surveillance of the AP I stand athwart all the hand-wringing about hypocrisy and shout, WRONG!!

The media do not have a hypocritical bone in their collective body, collective being the key signature in their song sheet. They, being an entity of power and control, realize that their power comes from holding ranks and holding with those who wield the reigns of power. But, you may note, even when Conservatives sit in legislative or executive power, the Media oppose them mightily. There is no up-sucking.

Now, you can look at it like most do and opine that a thin, meaningless label of hypocrite is the proper indictment, and having so judged, you sit and fume and tweet and blog and watch the follower count tick upward in your stats. You have your finger on the pulse of the problem, so you think: a moral dichotomy, a spiritual schism, a character flaw.

But you’d be wrong.

In the first place, Progressives eschew any actual “choices” while touting their very importance. It’s why an issue such as abortion is such an untenable social arrangement, yet remains firmly institutionalized as a norm: no one can commit to a definition of when life begins.  Obama is a master at this game. It keeps one away from values judgment and leaves no inkling, no trace of thought, origin, or morality. It is the passive equivalent of nailing jello to the wall. He likes all his issues this way.

So does the Media.

Can you see that questioning the VALUE of a thing renders doubt in the mind of the inattentive? To erase the absolutes is to leave no trail of the past and no compass for the future. Everything is fair game, free of judgment, and nothing is hypocritical. But I don’t give the Media as a collective much credit for understanding even so much as that. Mostly, they reject values so that they won’t later have to answer to them. It’s sort of pre-paid hypocrisy credits. If I maintain that everything is normal, nothing is abnormal, everyone is okay and no one is a monster, then I can like myself better and sleep smugly, if not soundly, at night.

And even that isn’t the real deal.

The Real Deal is this: The higher-ups in the MSM won’t say much about the abuses they suffer at the hands of the Obama administration because they answer to an extra-political power base. You think the consumer has sway anymore? When the New Media erupted and the Old Media saw their chuck wagon headed over the cliff, they kicked the consumer-based power structure to the curb. They just didn’t tell the consumer. Or their advertisers. They have gladly embraced devils who wield more money and power in just a few hands, rather than put up with the likes of you.

There may be an Invisible Hand in the market place, but the executives of the MSM are  no longer licking that hand. They are not in the losing, exhausting game of brands and marketing. They are now in the game of thrones  unlike any we’ve experienced in our country before. They will NOT cede power or betray allegiances to their source of income. Oh, they’ll allow awful financial reports about their circulatory health to ease Tea Party types into a hollow sense of accomplishment, but even after all that, the neighbors  are still watching the infernal evening news every night.

At its worst, the shark-dead eyes of the MSM’s ambition see everything as colored red, in tooth and claw. Every time the Right hollers, “hypocrite” the MSM’s unblinking ambition sinks its teeth even further into the Republic.  At best, it’s a con game of the ages-old redirect: a video, a redaction, a mournful aspersion cast at inanimate objects like guns. “Hypocrisy” is the empty echo of those who aren’t even in the game.

“Hypocrite?” they snort. “What else ya got?”


Thanks to the gracious Sultan Knish for the link to this mish-mash of thought!

If Gun Violence Is A Disease, Get Vaccinated Against It

The CDC has long horned in on the gun control issue, forcing your doctor to ask you about guns in your home, forcing school policy and encouraging modifying behaviors to create a somnolent, tacit agreement amongst the pliable minds: guns=evil.

Well, I’m not going to try to reason with oatmeal and I’m not going to argue with the gun haters. I’m going to tack to another shore: vaccinations and public health.

Guns are a fact of existence at this point. Like bacteria and viruses, which are not moral agents, you are never going to get rid of guns. But if gun violence is a virulent aberration of existence, then treat gun violence with a benign version of itself that has the power to render it harmless: buy a gun and learn how to use it.

Gun-free zones make as much sense as “vaccine-free” kids and both make for easy targeting by aberrant entities. You should avoid gun-free zones and keep your kids out of them just like you should shun people who don’t “believe” in vaccines because they sometimes kill when they should protect.

Be safe out there, everyone.

Righteous Wrath Has Its Place. Will The GOP and MSM Discover The Coordinates?

I’ve been spewing on Twitter and it hasn’t been pretty, either. But first, I give you John Bolton’s latest comments:

And don’t call it, “-gate.” That’s the Left’s gambit and it’s a disservice to Ty Woods and Glen Doherty, BIG DAMN HEROES, one of whom was found slumped over his gun after 7 hours of gunbattle. Obama’s cold-blooded decision to not act is a politically gutless and self-serving sin of outrageous neglect. Someone suggested Benghaziquiddick.

I suggest we call it treason.

[Update: forgot this link to BlackFive’s astute observation about “target painting.”]

So what was it, really? A lack of will to engage and bear the political consequences of being proved wrong about al Qaida? Perhaps it was a scheme. A murder-by-proxy with unfortunate collateral; Obama never figured that some heroes would show up. And when they did, they found themselves to be “not optimal” bumps in the road under Obama’s ever-widening bus. Even if it was a cock-up of unimaginable proportions, Obama was at the helm of our Ship of State and under the stress of authority chose instead to go to Vegas, baby! for some much-needed sucking up to by high-rollers to affirm his manhood. Obama’s self-medicating on adulation now, instead of choom.

And Hillary!? She’s got lawyers and folks who are trying to spin her way out of it, but nothing, NOTHING will change the fact that she stood next to the caskets of our honored and heroic dead and butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth as she LIED her ass off. I need the inimitable Gut Rumbler to weigh in with his signature epithet for such a woman: bloodless c*nt. Somewhere, Vince Foster is mustering a grim smirk.

Meanwhile, call for protests at local media outlets are being tepidly put forth amongst the dextrosphere. It’s about time, dammit.

Twitterpated. It’s a word. Plus: Gone.

Someone on Disqus asked me for my unvarnished opinion of Twitter. I replied:

It’s a torrent. You step into it, get swept away in the retweets of the EXACT.SAME.LINKS to stuff you can only read so many times. Your eyes roll back into your head and you quit for about a year. Then, you come back, learn how to work the hashtag trends, gain followers, get addicted. Really addicted. Then, after you get over the “follow” game and quit caring who follows you or who you follow, you can just read Iowahawk’s and GagdadBob’s tweets for a daily dose of the smartest humor on the Right. Then the Ace Moron Brigade members, then your friends, but only if they’re original and aren’t tweeting their latest book, location, or cold sore.

Plus, it’s a whole new way to be ignored, if your blog isn’t filling that particular need already!  Meanwhile. . .

So, go here and read this. It’s not run-of-the-mill link-whoring. Everything and everyone I link to from here is WORTH.YOUR.VALUABLE.TIME. But seriously. It’s all gone:

I hope everyone understands that the money, including all future earnings of your children and grandchildren, has been spent, and that we are SIXTEEN TRILLION DOLLARS in the hole. Borrowed money represents a promise against future labor.

That means that no labor performed for the next several decades will have any value. The result is the same whether the debt is paid or repudiated: a collapse of the credit market and of the holding value of the dollars.

You already know all this, but John C. Wright has a lot of young Sci-Fi fans who truly don’t understand. It’s nice to see how he patiently but sternly gets the point across: slavery for your and your generations to follow.

To The Bone

An affront to courage and determination.

I despise those two gaping, tranquil square holes in the ground in NYC. They nauseate me with their deceptive peace and calm and endless waterfall.

3,000 dead. They deserve a monument, not a glorified sepulcher. They deserve towering, awesome beauty and terrible vengeance.

Obama tried to hijack our collective misery and turn it into butterflies of Hope and service. Well, I’m not done with my grief, I’m not blind to the Truth, and I’m not bowing to anybody.

He wants it to be a day of service? I want a day when we serve it up COLD. And finally.

Father and Son

UPDATE: Shoving it in our faces, our President couldn’t resist posting this today.

40 Years of Media Manipulation Is Not Undone By A Cynical Quip

John Nolte uses a whole bunch of words to finally get to the point of, “hope it’s gonna last.”  He thinks Jake Tapper has had a “Spartacus” moment. Allow me to unpack my feelings about it, as I did at the link:

Sorry if I don’t get giddy as a paid MSMer spouts a cynical jibe or two. It’s going to take a dedicated lifetime to undo Cronkite, Rather, Wallace, et al.

Tapper just tried to walk it back some this a.m on Twitter. In an attempt “to be fair,” lamenting the old “Bush press corps” was allowing Bush to get away with murder 12 years ago.  I was around 12 years ago, and I’m not sure what his profession’s epistemic closure was experiencing, but it sure wasn’t what the rest of us saw.

In the torrent of today’s information stream, 12 years ago isn’t worth his notice. New is  now and it has to be TRUE, not a lame attempt at “fair.”

And Tapper will be “Spartacus” when he gives up his paycheck in defense of the Truth.

If unpaid bloggers and Breitbarts weren’t putting the pressure on the MSM, Tapper’s conscience might have remained quite comfy in his esteemed role.

WE are Spartacus.

Good first efforts that I applaud, but the MSMrs, by virtue of their paychecks, have a long row to hoe to regain trust. I don’t say this to discourage their attempts, but to make sure they bring forth real effort to undo the damage done to this country by their inattention and outright manipulation.

Not gonna forgive that easily.

And that goes double for Peggy Noonan.

[Update because I’m still pissed.] NOW that we’re at the abyss, some of these prissy boys and sissy girls get alarmed? Like they never gave a second thought to the ends of their fun little games? Oh, well done! Now get busy and stop pussyfooting with the Truth. You OWE your country something and I’m not gonna get all misty-eyed at your “bravery.” Come January another million people will be directly unemployed by the military. Another million in a secondary wave of penury for the camp-followers of the military. How many times did Bush try to amend and fix Fannie Mae? Where WERE you? At the trough of the race-mongers, that’s where. Feh.

[More]  Paul Ryan has to qualify his remarks about unemployment with the word, “real.”  As though it was some sort of dark art (waii-cisstt!) to divine a discoverable fact. Whose handiwork is that? We just sort of accept that we have to mentally and vocally correct everything put forth by the MSM. How did we get to this place? And why should we let the lords of this lie off so easily with a tingle up our leg when they say something true? And hey, if I’ve painted over some people of integrity with this rant, then they can know how every.single.Conservative feels when they watch the execrable secretions of the MSM on the nightly news. They can forgive it with understanding or ask themselves why they take a paycheck from their lying overlords.