Growth And Opportunity Project: It’s still a hearse, no matter how many dead ideas you cart around in it.

Dear Project Members:

With expectations tempered by years of negative training, I clicked on Instapundit’s link to your newest strategy for growing the GOP. It says you want feedback.

It’s appropriate to say that Mr. Priebus is still driving the hearse. There’s not a leader of your project that is under age 50. I’m not either, but I know where the future lies and it’s not in trotting out old, tired horses because they are “due.”

I’m sick of the career politicians, I dont care what their name or years of service. You are all tainted by your own narrow reality of political expediencies and lifestyles.

Crap like this “growth and opportunity” project, when the GOP has long and famously denied opportunity to younger leaders, is a sad, and now very costly, irony. Paul Ryan’s relative youth notwithstanding, it’s easy to see he is on board with the Old Guard. His handlers (Priebus?) have done him no favors.

You’re all also scared witless that the Media will say unkind things about you and you’ll lose face among your peers in D.C., even as your longsuffering constituency beg you to show some spine. The GOP has shown itself to be feckless, clueless, and arrogant toward its very base of voters.

Dead to me, the GOP. You hate me, you hate people like me. Most especially, you hate Conservatives because we’re actually the only enemies of your personal aspirations. The Left knows you really want to be them.

Damn the spineless political “strategies” and the Hell that spawned them. All you are doing is slowing down the handbasket.

perma facepalm

And yes, I sent this entire post to . Why don’t you vent, too? They won’t care, but still. . .

Righteous Wrath Has Its Place. Will The GOP and MSM Discover The Coordinates?

I’ve been spewing on Twitter and it hasn’t been pretty, either. But first, I give you John Bolton’s latest comments:

And don’t call it, “-gate.” That’s the Left’s gambit and it’s a disservice to Ty Woods and Glen Doherty, BIG DAMN HEROES, one of whom was found slumped over his gun after 7 hours of gunbattle. Obama’s cold-blooded decision to not act is a politically gutless and self-serving sin of outrageous neglect. Someone suggested Benghaziquiddick.

I suggest we call it treason.

[Update: forgot this link to BlackFive’s astute observation about “target painting.”]

So what was it, really? A lack of will to engage and bear the political consequences of being proved wrong about al Qaida? Perhaps it was a scheme. A murder-by-proxy with unfortunate collateral; Obama never figured that some heroes would show up. And when they did, they found themselves to be “not optimal” bumps in the road under Obama’s ever-widening bus. Even if it was a cock-up of unimaginable proportions, Obama was at the helm of our Ship of State and under the stress of authority chose instead to go to Vegas, baby! for some much-needed sucking up to by high-rollers to affirm his manhood. Obama’s self-medicating on adulation now, instead of choom.

And Hillary!? She’s got lawyers and folks who are trying to spin her way out of it, but nothing, NOTHING will change the fact that she stood next to the caskets of our honored and heroic dead and butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth as she LIED her ass off. I need the inimitable Gut Rumbler to weigh in with his signature epithet for such a woman: bloodless c*nt. Somewhere, Vince Foster is mustering a grim smirk.

Meanwhile, call for protests at local media outlets are being tepidly put forth amongst the dextrosphere. It’s about time, dammit.

Predictions. Feel free to join in.

Romney will crap the GOP bed and give us Pawlenty or Porter or Burl Ives as his veep, and at that point we’ll be so accustomed to the taste of the attendant shit sandwich that we shall merely complain that it wasn’t toasted to our liking, but can we please have another?

It’s been quite a few hours since Obama has shut something down, given something away, or broken some promise. It’s quiet. . . too quiet.  Maybe it’s time for him to create something again– another agency. Yeah, that’s it. I predict another Obama-mandated Agency For The Totally Useless Purpose of Getting Friends’ Kids On the Government Teat.

Or, since the GOP is feeling frisky,  it’s just about time for Obama to unveil the one promise he intends to keep: the Civilian National Security Force.

Or, since the GOP is feeling frisky, it’s just about time for Romney’s communications director to do something entirely brainless. Again. Oh, nevermind.

What are you seeing in the entrails of our eviscerated Republic, peeps?


American Digest sends a Van der Lanche my way. Thanks, Gerard!

I Don’t Like Romney

Now, in the summer of my discontent, I feel the betrayal of the GOP more keenly.  I’m sick of the duplicity and the expediency of the political game– no matter who is playing it. Sure, that’s politics. But it’s no way to run a country or a state or a city.

Don’t take it personally, Mittens. I am as likely to find any GOP House or Senate nominee who isn’t Sarah Palin to be a disingenuous hawker of the Republic’s fiscal and natural resources.


I’m thinking. . . Paraguay.

Or Russia, actually. Something about all the anarchy in the rest of the world makes my Teutonic underpinnings pine for some Nanny state that isn’t a pussy about its place in the world. Plus, vodka. [I keep changing my choices. Check back.] [From the comments: Bolivia!]

How ’bout you?

Nah, you’re not gonna shoot your neighbor, and you know it, tough guys. You’re going to pay your taxes, get your annual checkup, comply, comply, comply. Because this is home. Or it was.

Home, and all that word implies, is still quite dear. Your oligarchs know it.

So, you’re going to have to move out to somewhere, some state of being, where you don’t have to care about how your decisions impact your family or friends.


Now you know what sorts of folks helped build this last century. Let’s find somewhere to build the next one.

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I miss Breitbart. I miss him more than I thought I would; in some soulful and deep way as though I actually knew him. I know, I know, we are all Breitbart. But only Andrew could be Andrew and look straight into the camera and say, “Fuck. You.” in his indelible, unmistakably merry-warrior way. You know that he means harm to none but his enemies, and if there’s one thing weaklings will not abide, it’s a man who will not bow to their bullying even as they howl in his face.

I wonder at his untimely passing, the death of his coroner, and the complete disappearance of the last man to see him alive.

Mostly, I just miss this:

Don’t shut up.

He started it just by talking out loud. Look at the people in that clip. Look at the outrage, the stunned and wounded minds that he exposed to the light. They cannot abide a question or a thought that they haven’t carefully sculpted into their own likeness. They liked the ever-shrinking world they controlled, and basked in the artificial lamps of their Narratives. They never suspected a world beyond the one they imagined.

But Breitbart was the Colossus they did not form. He arose, meteoric as Helios, blazing across the oceans of their uncharted intellectual maps from an expanse noted as, “beyond here be dragons.” His irreligion in the face of the Media’s overwrought veneration of itself was their first clue that other beings actually existed. Breitbart’s unapologetic Otherness was the only fiery dart he wielded, and he wounded them with nothing but truth.

Don’t awaken sleeping dragons, dear Proggies, because you are crunchy and taste good with a salty, “Fuck.You.”


I doubt it will be civil.

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In retrospect, which should we fear more, a third party or an only party?

I’m pretty sure we’re watching the progressive end-game unfold after its 100-year incremental march.  Like Mexico’s “institutional revolution” we have instituted and indoctrinated our own offspring to lead us exactly to this point: One Party Government.

It may turn out differently, but I’ve seen the tipping point with Mitt Romney’s vicious and specious attacks on Newt being repeated by all the media/government players. No, they’re not just the usual suspects of the MSM any more. Now our “new media” allies have fought their way to some imagined significance and so they kowtow to the powerful. We are all Capt. Schettino now, I guess, and it’s every man for himself. Don’t judge me, man! It’s market driven media. Capitalism!

It’s different than when Ross Perot ran for president and handed the brass ring to Clinton on a silver platter. We all bemoaned the Third Party split that gave the election to a man without a clear majority. But I think now we have a de facto Only Party. It is comprised of those who will not allow money out of their circle of influence. The wet dream of the Progressives has been to set the have-nots against the haves under the guise of fairness. The dirty secret behind that dream is that the Proggies are panting for the opportunity to be the haves. And for you to be the have-not.

The RNC has told all of us we cannot have Newt (or Cain. Or Palin. Or West.) We have told the RNC they cannot have Mitt. The impasse has drawn a stark contrast that even a blind man can discern. It’s not about being Republican. It’s not about hanging together or separately. Really, when you’re already screwed what’s a few feet of rope and a short drop? That’s the mood out there, folks.

Commenter raven at Legal Insurrection eloquently speaks for me at this juncture:

This is no longer about quarrels between candidates or wounds being inflicted or “healing over time,” it’s about existential differences of political and national identity, and about generations of GOP betrayals which have brought us to this point and which will no longer be denied, ignored, forgotten or forgiven. “Critical mass” has arrived.

Romney is just a representation (if not him, someone else like him) — of power and a presumption to power whose purpose is only in the gaining and keeping of power. This “power” has allowed our collective ship to drift outside the currents of the Constitution, and it clutches the rudder with a death grip.

I don’t know what will happen in Florida, but what Romney has done in the past few months (truly the only “inevitable” thing about Romney was that he would do this) has set in motion something historic. Nothing will be the same. The GOP chose Romney and he’s their destiny.

There’s a simmering idea that we’re all quite happy to leave the GOP with their choice and commit our own last act as a free people by voting our conscience. To Hell with the scare-mongerers who used our worst fears against us, to bring us to heel at the jackboot of the elites.


Pretty Woman‘s views on Bain Capital.

Yeah, I’m just having some fun here. The Establicans and the MSM think we’re too stupid to understand the nuances of financial profiteering within a capitalist framework. Sure it’s all legal; entirely ethical in the strictest and most clinical sense of the word. But as Rob Sama points out in a masterful bit of financial exposition titled Strip Mining the US Economy, it’s a mixed bag, at best:

As you can see, it is entirely inappropriate to describe the process outlined above as “creative destruction”. In a scenario of creative destruction, there is some creation occurring that is causing the destruction: the iPhone kills the iPod, the Fusion kills the Mach III. But here, there is no creation going on whatsoever. Just reckless risk taking that didn’t pay off. It is inconcievable that the economy as a whole is benefitted by overlevering profitable, working companies, and then selling the carcasses off to vultures for a profit. It’s not creative destruction, but just plain destruction. Or “destructive destruction” if you will.

To be sure, Mitt Romney’s record appears to be a mixed one. He did some venture capitalism early in his career. In particular his investment in Staples appears to be a true example of creative destruction, causing the demise of many smaller stationary stores. And even in his private equity investing, he surely wasn’t the worst of the bunch. From what I’ve read, he appeared to be the private equity guy with a conscience as opposed to the soulless villian. Think Darth Vader instead of Voldemort. Still, I have trouble wanting to vote for Darth Vader, no matter how effective he was a blowing up Alderan.

I have a simpler take on it: [The video title is an ESL pastiche. Just watch the damn thing.]