Like a Locust, Susan Rice has a 14-year Cycle of Devouring the Truth

And Sultan Knish isn’t letting her get away with it.

A matter of months later, on Aug. 7, 1998, the American embassies in Tanzania and Kenya were simultaneously attacked with car bombs. In Kenya, 12 American diplomats and more than 200 Africans were killed.

Susan Rice: not caring about Kenyans in favor of sucking up to a Clinton. Racist.

Daniel Hannan Wants You To See This Poster, “Europe4All”

Can you spot the moral equivalency lesson for today?

“Moral Deafness” -Daniel Hannan

For three generations, the badge of the Soviet revolution meant poverty, slavery, torture and death. It adorned the caps of the chekas who came in the night. It opened and closed the propaganda films which hid the famines. It advertised the people’s courts where victims of purges and show-trials were condemned. It fluttered over the re-education camps and the gulags. For hundreds of millions of Europeans, it was a symbol of foreign occupation. Hungary, Lithuania and Moldova have banned its use, and various former communist countries want it to be treated in the same way as Nazi insignia.

American teachers are teaching the exact.same.thing. to our children. Don’t kid yourself.

Meanwhile, calling Scientology a “cult” will get you arrested. . .  in Britain.  Rowan Atkinson is leading the charge against the nonsense. As well he should. The Jesters rely on being able to insult anyone.

Angry? We’re wasting our time worrying about politicians.

Julia, You Ignorant Slut!

Without fear of being a misogynist, I must aver that I’m sick of women.

Not any particular woman– certainly not any of my dear readers of the fair sex, nor my friends and family and acquaintances– but the whole “women as ‘special'” two-dimensional media thing: their special drama, special biology, special needs, advertisements, accomplishments, celebrations, and bleeding-heart politics. I wrote all this earlier today and then Obama had to foist “Julia” on everyone. Enough!

Women in media are scolding me on the so-called news, telling me how to be happy like they are; they’re degrading men in advertisements, opining on the world stage, mewling about their relationships, their weight, their uterus, their rights, and their demands that the taxpayer do something for their awesomeness. They even have to be part of home improvement shows while they’re too skinny to haul a bag of cement mix up a driveway, and yet they have to bore me in an affected monotone about wainscots and eaves and cedar shingles. Blah-frickety-blah.

For the record, once again, let me say that I don’t ever need, much less want, to see a woman talking to me about men’s sports. Ever.  As a woman I enjoy watching men being  men, or even behaving like the boys they are at heart. Men at work. Men at play. Awesome and sexy. Don’t bring another woman into that fantasy, bee-yatch. I like to watch Mikey do dirty jobs because I just do. I like football and rugby because. Now go away, get outta my face and offa my television for at least one hour.

Someone please tell the women who want to be sportscasters for men’s sports that there is no market for their dream, except the affirmative action kind. ENOUGH already with the “woman’s point of view.”  It’s suffocating even for other women.

I still don’t want to hear a tinny, pinched-voiced woman calling a car race or a horse race. No. They’re every freaking where I don’t want them to be asking a man how he feels about losing half a million in a fiery crash.

I don’t want to see women weight lifters, lumberjacks, or boxers. Don’t want to see them tossing the caber. The only Julia I want to see is the much-loved and much-missed Julia Child tossing a vinaigrette onto some greens.

I like everything about men and I think they deserve to be left alone from all the picky perfections that women imagine they want and need from a man. In real life, when men acquiesce and become what women think they want, women despise them as weak. Every time. In the movies, men are the sensitive hero or mild-mannered milquetoast that has made her dreams come true, or the oaf that has to learn a lesson in order to be worthy of the perfect princess. Gah. You and I know that real life doesn’t function like this but Hollywood is determined to rebuild simple minds into their image. (Which is why Jerry Springer is so horribly funny and popular; the women are truly awful, as women can certainly be.)

Guys, you do need a life-mate, a soul mate, but not an inmate!  Today’s younger women have been raised against type, against nature, and against their own interests. The image they are given to mold their life after does not come from a chaste mother, but from an aging Hollywood cougar still trying to be a man. Still envying that penis.

If women  were delightfully puzzling in earlier Hollywood outings, most of them are downright toxic now. It’s like they’ve been raised by wolves; almost feral in their phobias and callous in their regard for other human life. Disconnected from their very womb by pills, ovulation suppressants, and fabulous careers, they seek to make their men into children of their own imagination.  Or make themselves child-like (MPDGs) or, if lucky, they have a man, a career, and children according to script. They laugh! They cry! They save lives and win court cases and change diapers and  Heck, even their men have to be women.

These are the sorts of media-foisted women I am weary of; the willfully stupid, the gulliblly guided, the overwrought and overly self-impressed.  The impossible templates of feminine success. They are overbearing and ever-present in our daily entertainment offerings and I think it’s about time to say, “enough!”

I don’t want to silence women on television for any reason, but I do want most of them to shut up for a lot of reasons. Your mileage may vary.

My Pro-bono, public service announcement for the jobless

Just posted this to Craigslist:

For the Newly Displaced Admin Person–

Most jobs posted here are not real.
If you do not see a legitimate name of a legitimate company, it’s not real.
If you do see a legitimate company, go check its website to see if they’re hiring. Then email to them directly.
If there is a seeming “legit” company, don’t assume they’re hiring. Scammers use legit companies’ postings to get you to reply to them on a craigslist email. So no tears if you never hear back. The company is just as much a victim as you are.
If they give a fax or phone number, do a search on it. See how many “businesses” are listed under the same.
If you’re not sure, go look in other cities hundreds of miles away. You’ll see the same listings.
The current job-title scam is to combine “Admin” with an “&” and some other task: Admin & Sales Support. Scam.
There are absolutely no “personal assistants.” Really. None. Don’t bother replying.

In short: do everything in your power to NEVER reply to an anonymized email on Craigslist.

I’m a giver.

The Law Is For Your Enemy.

It’s so-o-o-o unfair to have laws that require we try a man according to the facts presented for or against him, before a jury of his peers, in front of a judge appointed or elected by the people of his district.

The Law is not the same thing as the people who interpret it, abuse it, ignore it or otherwise twist it to their advantage for some perceived gain.

The Law itself is good.

What’s really being argued in Critical Race Theory is the right for a certain group to be the one abusing it, twisting it, ignoring it, interpreting it and otherwise using it as a weapon against one’s enemies.

The solution isn’t to throw out Law. The solution is to throw out the abusers of it. Tall order. Much easier to riot in the streets.

What Real Reporting Looks Like: Danny K. Davis, Communist Party, and Barack Obama.

Ya’ll still talking about Derek Bell? [Update: too good to miss: Bell agrees if you’re white, you’re irremediable” probably. And a capitalist overlord. Or worse.] The Chris Hani and Rudy Lozano Lifetime Leadership Award goes to Congressman Danny K. Davis.

“Do you support the Communist Party Congressman?”


Push back. Twice as hard. Does that offend your sense of Republican propriety, Ms. Afternoon Tea fundraiser? What? You gonna sit at home with your “Prep” items and wait for things to go South before you speak up, Mr. Tough Stuff?

What the reporter in that video [Breitbart?] did took real courage. Points were scored, no one was hurt, no blood spilled. I think there is plenty of room for much more of this sort of thing.


Wherein I Mostly Defend Charles Blow’s Right To Say Whatever The Hell He Wants

Now that the PC crowd has demanded and gotten an apology from Charles Blow for his crass remark about Mighty Mitt’s Underwear, I shall come to an erstwhile defense of his speech, if not to him as a person. Indeed, I know nothing of Mr. Blow and knowing him to be a Progressive, have little care to seek out further information about him. At the least, I’ll accede to a certain glee in watching the PC crowd get their own comeuppance. If they’re going to demand that we honor the tender sensibilities of all things Muslim, it only stands to PC-reason that we make them honor any other religious group operating under the false-flag of an oppressed and misunderstood ideology. (Papists and Jews need not apply, apparently.)

Mormons along with their catechism, culture, and adjunct rituals are fair game in the arena of public expression. We’re not talking deliberate hate speech, as in blaming or scapegoating another group of people as the source of one’s unhappiness. But it is rather hateful, for all that, isn’t it? As for me, I don’t know or care what Mittens wears under his clothes. I only worry about who he is under his mask of inevitability.

Be that as it may, today’s Christian traditions, most especially the Catholic and Evangelical ones, have both literally and figuratively run the gauntlet of ridicule and derision in the public square. It’s not a feeling to wish on another, but then life is full of such feelings. It’s not nice, but it’s not a call for blood. Not yet. However, if we stifle the harmless call-outs as being Supremely Offensive we run the risk of a backlash much like the feminists experience in calling everything rape: if everything is rape, nothing is.

Lighten up, Francis.

Catholics have learned to live with it. Why, SNL had a lead character in chain-smoking Fr Guido Sarducci, and had to suffer Sally Fields floating about carried on the breeze by her holy headgear. Vapid movies, Broadway productions, Sinead O’Connor, Madonna, and all manner of sacrilege about Catholics is just old hat. To pay too much attention to it would lend it credence and importance. Most Catholics I know sort of embraced the silliness, denounced the sacrilege, and in effect, wore it all like a badge of honor. The only thing worse than being a target for one’s ideological opponents is to never be considered a threat to them.

Which is why I respect the Catholic’s unwavering stance on the bigger definitions of their faith: the inviolate gift of Life, for instance. It is heard, loud and clear by an unthinking world because the Church has declined to elevate the minor offenses into a place of prominence. So starkly does their choice of battleground stand out that there is no mistake about the seriousness of their faith.

Yes, it is crass to sling political mud packed with harder missiles– be it packed with relics, saints’ bones and rosaries; prayer wheels, tambourines, bibles, prayer rugs, funny hats, turbans or tunics. Mormons have no special claim to be hurt by it, but one might suspect their desire to keep things on the down-low about their peculiarities. Lord knows, Mitt won’t speak to any specifics of his faith; it seems to be as conveniently vague as his political expediencies require.

But I’m not bowing down to Mormons as a protected class. And that’s a lot of what I’m seeing out there from the Right. [Notably, in the word, “bigot.” See comments below.]

Mormons get no special pass from me.. They’re nice folks who have some sound principles on practical matters. I love them. They’re good citizens who happen to wear special under-garments and have strange (to me) doctrines based on specious translations of some Egyptian burial plate inscriptions, and revelations dictated by a man looking at luminous stones in his hat.That’s SNL skit-worthy stuff, folks. They have secret rituals for marriage, old mandates and new-found tenets– and juicy gossip within their leadership intrigues as does any social grouping. And, they have an idea of heaven that sounds like Hell (eternally pregnant? Er, no thanks.) Admittedly, they have suffered the tender mercies of Hollywood via a hit-piece television series about their community that makes Guido Sarducci look like a sane man. But they also have more money than God and possibly the Pope as well. (See what I did there?)

I’m not here to mock the Mormons, but to gently chide my Christian brethren who seek to make political hay out of Mr. Blow’s remarks. The point has been taken, politically, I guess. I fear, however, that the days ahead will call for sterner stuff from all of us, if we worship at any other altar than that of the State.

For now, in matters of ideological courage, it goes against the spirit of the confident Christian Soldier to take away any special honors won by leveling a sword at a taunting boy throwing rocks.

Craigslist 11th-hour Pitch For A Decent Employee

It’s probably another scammer looking for emails and info to sell, but it sure is a sweet rant:
Follow instructions, Get this job
Date: 2012-02-21, 11:59PM EST
Reply to: [deleted]
I am looking for a clean cut, all around craftsman/ carpenter to work alongside me on various jobs. I will provide you with: all tools necessary, pay every Friday, a week’s notice for drug tests, steady work, a ride to and from the jobsite from Mt. Pleasant, drama free workplace, and a cellphone. You provide me: limited to zero drama, ability to do all tasks associated with homebuilding and remodeling, the willingness to do anything I ask of you, (digging ditches to washing windows to cutting in stairs), a working vehicle, license, insurance, non tobacco user, punctual, go getter, not a racist or sexist, ablility to be unsupervised, speak English, no visible tatoos, belief in helping others, loyalty, some college, and for God’s sake not a liberal or a Democrat because I don’t owe anyone SHIT! I’m a small business owner just trying to make it. If you want to tell me how to do my job, reinvent the wheel, or lie about your hours- stay home!

If this accurately describes you, reply to this post between 1PM and 1:30PM on Wednesday, Feb 22, 2012 with “it’s about time” in the subject line.


  • Location: Mt Pleasant
  • Compensation: $15- $18 per hour, No Bullsh*t