Embracing Your Inner Extremist

You might as well face it: You’re extreme even when you think you’re riding the fence.

Sultan Knish has a very good political primer on the execrable notion of “moderate” positions. The idea being that, standing in the middle of a ship heading in a straight line to the Left does not make you “moderate,” it makes you stupid. Well, he doesn’t say “stupid” but he does place a cold, bony finger on the death spiral of the feckless Right, and places the blame squarely where it belongs: the idiocy of worrying about and lending credence to the concerns of one’s ideological opponent. Letting your enemy define you.

Which isn’t smart. Clicking the link and reading the whole thing, however, is very smart of you.

We’ve rushed after and gushed over every thing the modern media has artfully used to define “moderation” and have been played quite the fool. Go ahead and call for “moderation” and you’ll still be labeled an extremist if you resist the slightest motion Leftward. Bill Buckley resisted this mightily, and with threat of thrashing Gore Vidal for repeating it endlessly. Oh, that the GOP leadership could embrace Buckley’s ghost as easily as Pelosi and Hilary embrace their Roosevelts’. Why are we not “sitting in” at the local television stations demanding a voice and participation in the definitions?  Too extreme?

Might as well give the Leftist lapdog media what they want and get on with the business of saving the Republic, sirs, if we can keep it.

From Freedom’s Holy Light to Free Stuff!

Verse Four of Samuel Joe Smith’s My Country, ‘Tis of Thee reads thus:

Our father’s God to Thee,
Author of liberty,
To Thee we sing.
Long may our land be bright,
With freedom’s holy light,
Protect us by Thy might,
Great God our King.

In an age that increasingly seeks to usurp what is holy and exalt what is profane I found this verse quite stirring as we warbled it out during Sunday morning’s prayer service.

Is freedom a holy illumination, available only to those who have sought divine guidance? How quaint! How  precious.As though a rational people couldn’t rule their lives and fortunes without the silly and repressive fairy tales?

That entire peoples or countries have sought liberation from oppression is not new; it’s as old as Exodus, at least. But this idea of an individual destiny and personal possibility used to be a thing won by individual might and tyranny. It was not a “given”, or self-evident truth.

The idea of individual freedom is only 200+ years old. On the linear scale of history, that makes Freedom young, hip and now. It was missed for so many milennia, and only in recent history did it come to be an Idea worth dying for. And now that is slipping past us. What is necessary for Freedom to thrive, or at this point, survive?

The landscape of freedom has been allowed to go feral and wild, like a renters’ unkempt lawn. Lack of vigilance reveals a lack of ownership. Our leaders have devalued the uniqueness of our Freedom, treating it like it runs on air instead of hard work, wisdom and careful accountability. They have taken the ownership of our corporate fate out of the picture and replaced it with comfort and entitlement and …indentured slavery to the State.

The parable says, the Shepherd cares for and defends his sheep, and the hireling runs away from danger because he has no investment in the life of the sheep. We’ve invited hirelings to rule over us, whose only care for us is not our eternal soul, nor or our temporal freedom, but the promise of lining their pockets with cash.

Worst of all, our legislators have mocked Truth right out of the picture, time and again. Spinelessly and selfishly have they awarded sloth by cloaking it with “compassion” and they’ve depreciated human value in the process. They have usurped the warmth and parentage of the family and replaced it with something so cold, thin, and short-sighted as to enslave an entire generation to dependence and slavery. But they’ve sold it as caring and helpful, so how could it be a Lie? Time and again they’ve rewarded the externals of race and color and tenure, and have failed to require an account of what has been so freely given and received.

Mostly, they have mocked the Truth out of Life itself and have offered… what? in its stead? A thin veneer of personal freedom and choice that quickly fades as the years progress.

Our leaders and public servants neither lead nor serve, and now tell jaw-dropping, easily refuted lies with the temerity of tyrants. The Lie is First and the Truth lags behind, trying to be heard over the din of the sound bite. Our leaders are footling creatures who know that nothing succeeds like success, no matter how it’s earned. Lie first. Lie fast. Lie loud,and Truth will die, one lie at a time.

Not to speak of the echo chamber of their lies, the incurious Media, as indoctrinated by our schools. And our schools, as indoctrinated by tenured liars, safe in their ivory towers of soul-sucking delusion. There they live and work, like vivisectionists of our culture, who find upon dismantling it that it has died on the table.

Like it or not, our country was founded on a moral Absolute. Without this vital ingredient, the concept of Freedom cannot stand. Lacking the sense of our birthright of Freedom and lacking the conviction that it is endowed by a greater Truth, we will lapse quickly back into tribalism and penury. Law, founded on that birthright and Truth will lapse into the manipulative and capricious creature it is quickly becoming.

Truth came before Freedom, and Freedom, that delicate notion, cannot stand on its own without it.

Lies flower, Truth withers, and while the good and the decent are vilifed as contemptible hypocrites, the selfish and unserious are voted into office on their promise of Free Stuff.

That’s how far we’ve fallen. From the sacred (unique and set-apart) heights of Freedom to the common flatlands filled with uninvested renters of the corporate weal, a land of tenured hirelings, afraid of the wolves now threatening at the door as economic Night is falling.

We are rejecting the Author and Source of Freedom’s Light as a mere fantasy. Out of the fear of appearing foolish, like some two-dimensional caricature of religion as portrayed by those (upright and pure of heart!) Hollywood moguls who love our country so much, we reject it all without so much as a reasoned thought of how it came to be. The answer is not as easy as you think. How did this fragile notion, so unique in the world, fall into our laps?

“Wait. Don’t answer that. Look! Free stuff!”

Long may our land be bright…

[Re-posted from Jan 8, 2009]

A Little Child Shall Lead Them: Victoria Grant Has Something To Say To Bankers.

They won’t want to hear it, but you will. At 12 years old, Victoria Grant has the temerity to suggest that the Emperor’s new clothes are made out of thin air:

Not sure what they’re feeding kids up in Canada, but I sure hope we can import it. The fact that she’s quoting, correctly and in context, the biblical indictment of money-changers, I’d suggest she’s home-schooled.

Drone Site Waivers

Looky here, no drone sites in Illinois!

Actually, the direct Google map link has a curious list of mainly college campuses and police departments. Apparatchiks. Check it out.

Keep in mind, these are the authorized sites.

Kate, at Small Dead Animals, kills with the juxtaposition of it all.

Sleep well, me pirate hearties! They’ll likely kill us in the morning.

Thus Spake Velociman

His writings are now being cited by chapter and verse:

“Velociman 15:12- Find solace and comfort where ye dwell, find the good in people, excoriate the bad in them, with a bullwhip if necessary, protect your children, say your damn prayers at night, and buy another handgun”.

Go. Read it all.

And if you find someone called “predalien” in the comments, you may assume it is Andrew Sullivan or James Wolcott or some other writer at the effete gates of literary Hell, longing for the Vman to provide them with the merest sip of cool, refreshing, originality to soothe the agonizing torment of their mediocrity.

Go read, “The Manichean Quality of Flyover Country” and be glad he’s on your side.